Woman Gets Shock Of Her Life When Snake Slithers Out Of Car Air Vent

Snakes pop up all over the place but you’d never expect one to slither out of your car air vent while you’re driving down the Highway.

snake coming out of car air vent

Monica Dorsett, from Florida, had the shock of her life when a snake really did slither out of her car air vent whilst she was driving. There is no information as to where the snake came from, or how it got in the car, but BuzzFeed  News reports that Monica managed to keep it together to safely pull over.

monica dorset

The report says that she called her husband to help after she trapped the snake in the car door.

snake trapped in door

She said: “I was on four-lane highway and I all of a sudden see the snake coming out of the vent near my left hand,

“It took me a second to realize — that is real. I’m not opening those vents for a long time.”

Snakes are everywhere!

Snakes seem to find their way into all kinds of small, dark spaces and appear out of nowhere when we least expect it.

Take for example a story from the town of Campellton, New Brunswick. Back in 2013 two young boys were killed by an African Rock Python whilst they were sleeping.

An African Rock Python can weight up to two-hundred pounds and reach lengths of up to sixteen feet!

african rock python

This particular breed of snake claim their prey by using strangulation. The two young boys, around the age of 6, suffered a terrible death due to negligence of adults that cared for the snake.

The snake’s carers had left the snake in a nearby cage but left open a ceiling outlet where the snake was easily able to slither up the ventilation shaft.


There are many incidents with snakes but most of them are actually caused by careless behaviour of Humans. There was another story a while back about a student who worked the nightshift at the Carcas Zoo in Venezuela and was killed by a Python after he broke the establishment’s rules and entered the snake’s cage.

A ten-foot long Burmese Python, who was new to the establishment, crushed and strangled Eric Arrieta to death and was in the process of consuming his body when other staff members found him.

If a snake appears somewhere that’s not expected the best option is always to keep away from them unless you know what you’re doing and can handle the creature properly.

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