When They Looked At Photographs From Mars They Made A Shocking Discovery, Did They Find A Squirrel?

Conspiracy theorists claim to have made an incredible discovery on Mars after some photos appear to show a Squirrel scurrying around between boulders.

The supposed animal was spotted on official NASA photographs taken by the Curiosity Rover not long after it landed on Mars in 2012. It’s believed that the picture reveals a top-secret NASA experiment which violates animal rights.

squirrel on mars between rocks

The question is: How could a Squirrel breath on Mars?

The  Sightings Daily website said: “It is really amazing and strange. I guess that’s why I love this one so much. It’s a cute rodent on Mars.”

squirrel on mars close up

The photos do appear very convincing, the object looks like a Squirrel crouching between two boulders. Not only does the shape represent that of a Squirrel found here on Earth, but also appears to have ears, eyes, a nose and front legs as well as a tail.

Conspiracy theorists believe that NASA kept this experiment secret due to fear of being sued for animal cruelty.

The UFO Sightings Daily website said: “A lot of people are emailing me saying that this squirrel was part of a NASA experiment to test how long it would live on the surface of Mars and I do believe this does sound like something they might do.

“Why would they not tell us about it? Because the squirrel would be expected to die eventually and that would get PETA to fight against them in a court of law.”

is this a squirrel on mars

The website added: “They decided life on Mars was a secret worth keeping since they don’t want China or Russia to beat America to Mars.

“So they shut up about it and can take their time to Mars this way.”

Do you think this is a secret experiment and is this a real Squirrel?

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