Despicable People Are Raising Lions So People Can Shoot Them In Cages

In July 2015 the world was horrified over the death of Cecil, a lion who was needlessly killed and beheaded after he was lured out of his protected home in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Cecil’s killers has lead him across park lines why tying a dead animal to their truck so he would follow. This isn’t the only story of pure cruelty like this though, people are finding even cheaper ways to kill these animals for no reason.

Hunting animals like this is massive business in Africa where wealthy tourists pay literally tens of thousands of dollars to make this happen so they can claim that they hunted down a lion. In reality they didn’t hunt anything, the lions are hand-raised by people for the sole purpose of being shot in an enclosed space.

captive lions

Hundreds of lions are killed in this barbaric way every single year, and most of the killing are done by American tourists. During the rearing process the lions live a very miserable life – as cubs they are used as tourist attractions until they’re big and old enough to be “hunted”.

Johnny Rodrigues, who was the chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force in 2015 told The Guardian that he hoped that Cecil’s story would lead to a moratorium on lion hunting.

Farmed lions have a miserable existence from birth when people snatch the cubs away from their mothers and encourage the females to keep breeding as often as possible. This forced breeding leads to female lions producing five litters every two years. In the wild the lions are only supposed to produce one litter in this timeframe.

It doesn’t stop there though, they’re not only breeding lions in captivity but are actually stealing lions from the wild to keep up their tourist attraction and their profits hight.

The short video below is very disturbing, it shows a hunter poaching a tame lioness inside her enclosure. This needs to stop!

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