5 Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

When summer approaches and the weather starts to get warmer we all need to find ways to keep ourselves cool, and your dog is no different. Dogs don’t cool down as easily as we do since they don’t sweat, but there are simple ways that you can help your dog keep cool throughout the summer months.

#1 NEVER Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car

dog in parked car

This is a real big one, too many people think it’s ok to leave their dog sat in a boiling hot car while they go shopping. The big problem with this is that the car being metal attracts and retains more heat than an open area where there is wind; the windows also amplify the sun’s heat. Even if your car is parked in the shade it still manages to hold heat, and if you think about it the sun doesn’t stay in one spot for too long. Leaving your dog alone in a hot car can cause overexcitement by passers by, or even send them into a panic from being confined in a small and hot space. All of these things make it very easy for your dog to become dehydrated.

#2 Keep Your Dog Hydrated

dog drinking water

Just like humans, dogs easily get dehydrated in hot and dry weather. However a dog has different needs to fighting the heat and dehydration than we do. It’s a fact that darker coats absorb the heat far more than dogs with higher coats. You should always make sure you carry a bottle of water everywhere you go when taking your dog out in hot weather. Allowing your dog access to regular water while walking will help keep him cooler and hydrated.

#3 Doggie Boots Help Protect From Heat

dog boots

You may think it’s ridiculous to put socks or boots on your dogs paws, but they really do help keep your dog stay cool. If you aren’t able to keep to a walking schedule in the cooler times of the day, doggie boots are a great way of protecting them from rising heat from the ground. Surfaces such as cement and asphalt (tarmac) tend to retain heat more than other surfaces and as you know heat rises and a dog absorbs and release heat through their feet. Dog boots help in the winter by absorbing the cold and they also help in summer by isolating the heat.

#4 Keep Your Dog Cool At The Bottom

dog in water

Your dog cools it’s body from the bottom up so make sure you spray his paws and stomach and not just the top of his back. You can spray your dog with water or use a cold and wet towel under his belly to keep him cooler.

#5 Let Your Dog Do Some Digging

dog digging in the sand

In nature a dog will dig for a number of reasons, it may be to find food, hide from something or find food, but they also dig to keep cool from hot weather. If you can manage to find a shaded area you should allow your dog to spend some time digging into the cool soil.

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