5 Animals That Were Born With Extra Limbs

It’s not just Humans that can be born with abnormalities or extra limbs on their bodies, animals also suffer these bizarre genetic fails. Here are 5 animals who have been born over the past few years with strange deformaties.

#1 Forrest The Lamb Was Born With 5 Legs

lamb with 5 legs

Even though this adorable little lamb was born with an extra leg he’s healthy, happy and running around as you’d expect a baby lamb to do.

The lamb was named after Forrest Gump by Zara Bayley, 10, and her brother Jake, 12, in the hope that he will continue to run free. They managed to persuade their dad, Mark, to keep the lovable sheep as a pet.

Forrest is said to be undisturbed by his extra leg even though he’s not able to use it properly. The fifth leg seems to just dangle at his side when he runs, rather than moving independently like the rest.

#2 A Two-Headed Calf Was Born In The Community Of Vista Alegre In Peru

Spooky Two Headed Calf Born

This two-headed calf, born in Peru in 2015, looks a bit creepy and it divided villagers of Vista Alegre wondering if the deformed animal is a good or bad omen from God.

Both the calf’s heads are fully formed with two noses, two sets of eyes and two mouths but unfortunately it didn’t have the strength to stand up. A local farmer was feeding the cow milk from a bottle, but it’s not known if the cow survived or not.

Some people in the community over in Peru believed that the calf was sent by the Almighty as a warning over all the evils in the world, while others believe it was a mythical birth and the calf’s mother must have gone through a swamp when she was in season for this strange deformation to happen.

With all the speculation flying around, a vet tried to calm the villager’s fear and told them the birth defects could have been caused by the use of antibiotics during the gestation period. It could also have been a congenital defect that happened during pregnancy.

#3 They Call Her Octopig Because She Was Born With Four Extra Legs


In 2014 an eight-legged pig was born in rural China and was doing well at the time regardless of her deformity.

The piglet was born with extra legs on August 2nd 2014 on a farm in the Nanchuan District of Chongqing, China. She was named “Octopig” for obvious reasons.

Director at the Chongqing Academy of Animal Science, Guo Zhongyi, explained that it’s quite common for a big to be born with five legs, with the fifth usually growing from one of the other legs, but eight legs had never been seen before!

#4 “Spider-puppy” – A Dog Was Born With Two Bodies And Eight Legs

spider puppy

In May of 2015 a puppy dubbed “Spider-puppy” was born with two bodies and eight legs in Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. Sadly though the puppy died a few hour later, but not before these incredible pictures were captured.

The newborn’s two bodies were joined at the chest with two sets of front legs and two sets of back legs, along with two tails. In total the puppy was born with eight limbs and was one of five siblings.

The whole community of Vaini of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean were shocked and speechless at the strange animal’s extra legs.

#5 Four Legged Chicken Born In Thailand

In 2015 a chicken was born in Thailand with four legs, due to a condition called Polymelia,  and the footage below was recorded of  it dragging the extra legs around while people watch.

Surprisingly enough though, four-legged chickens are not as uncommon as you might think and the defect is usually caused by Polymelia. Polymelia is a birth defect that results in the individuals having more limbs than they should which are usually shrunken or severely deformed.

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